CallerID match didn't work as expected

exten => s/48432322333,1,Playback(welcome_mr_X)
exten => s,2,Answer()
exten => s,3,Wait(1)
exten => s,4,Read(Welcome_general)

when i did this entry in my dial plan, the call comes with ID 48432322333, everything works fine. she/he get the ‘welcome_mr_X’ greeting and goes to the next read, which is ‘Welcome_general’. But when someone else (with a different called ID) calls, the call was ringing on the exten ‘s’, but didn’t go to the priority ‘2’. it simply hung up.

Any idea ? i read the ‘Asterisk TFOT’ and various guides, but all of them says it should work in normal case.

BTW, This is beginning of a voice menu, and calls are coming thru a DAHDI channel (TDM400P)


Mohd T