"CALLERID" directive in pjsip.conf

What does “callerid=” do when used? Maybe a better question is "How do I use it’? It looks like the “from_user=” directive does the same thing. I have searched the wiki high and low.

One use is ‘callerid=Henry (1001)’ so when you call extension 1008 they will see that Henry (1001) is calling them instead of just a generic ‘1001’, etc.

callerid= ; CallerID information for the endpoint (default: “”)

Assuming you have set the following two headers to “yes”:

And assuming the caller ID value is “ambiorixg12” this value will be present in both of these headers. You can use either header for caller ID purposes, as both headers will contain the caller ID information.

P-Asserted-Identity: “ambiorixg12” sip:12522681342@

Remote-Party-ID: “ambiorixg12” sip:12522681342@;party=calling;privacy=off;screen=no

How to change the Caller ID from the provider to replace what ever I need it?

It does the opposite thing. from_user sets the value of the user part of the From: header, in the outbound direction, generally when that is used as an account name, rather than a caller ID. callerid sets it in the inbound direction, overriding anything received from the provider.

Generally you wouldn’t do this with pjsip.conf, but rather with Set(CALLERID()= in the dialplan. The typical use of callerid in pjsip.conf is for phones, where there is only only possible value being received, but it isn’t what is wanted.

Thanks. That was what I thought after I played around with it. One question. If I populate from_user=12175551212, Asterisk sends a from header similar to from:12175551212@my.internet.ip. But if I leave out “from_user” Asterisk inserts a header that resembles from:asterisk@my.internet.ip. Since both headers do not apply to my system [as far as I know] doesn’t the second header offer more anonymity to my system?

From asterisk will only be for the registration. The caller ID will be used for calls.

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