Caller ID problem


I having the some caller ID problem I got the following log

Aug 18 12:50:36 ERROR[2229] callerid.c: fsk_serie made mylen < 0 (-74)
Aug 18 12:50:36 WARNING[2229] chan_zap.c: CallerID feed failed: Success
Aug 18 12:50:36 WARNING[2229] chan_zap.c: CallerID returned with error on channel ‘Zap/1-1’

when I got a incoming call from PSTN this message is loged and call get disconnected.

and my PSTN do not have the caller ID facility.


i’m sure you’ve posted this before (and to the -users list too ?) so you’ve probably been asked this too :

are you sure your telco is providing CallerID ?
what signalling does your telco use ?
what CallerID delivery does your telco use ?
what signalling do you have setup in zapata.conf ?
what CallerID method do you have setup in zapata.conf ?

I just check with my telco regarding caller ID
the telco not provide a caller ID facility.

and one more thing do you have any idea for detection of hangup for X101p card , if the caller hangup the call the asterisk not able to detect it and the lines remains busy.
I try and go through lots of post in the fourm also try for busydetect and callprogress bt it will result in to call drop.


you could call your telco again and ask whether they are providing disconnect supervision.

i understand that in India you have a mixture of “UK-style” exchanges and newer non-“UK-style”. this has a significant impact on the settings you need to use.

i wouldn’t use callprogress unless you’re absolutely sure you’re getting the tones, but busydetect should work. hanguponpolarityswitch=yes (aka disconnect supervision) is great, but zapata.conf needs to be expecting it.

Thanks for help.