Caller id pass through ; fromdomain=

I have asterisk 16.30.1. Can we let caller id pass through to the trunk provider? Is there any settings on the aasterisk that will let this feature?

Right now, provider accepts only their DID numbers as the from. For example, they expect ; But even if hard code the DID in the fromdomain variable, the trace shows the real “caller” in the From header.

Can we use instead of

Any leads?

fromdomain specifies the domain, it is not for specifying the complete portion. The fromuser setting specifies the user portion in configuration.

If neither are specified, then callerid number is passed through as received in the user portion.

You will have to ask the provider if and how they support setting caller ID. Expect to have to go through hoops if you want them to accept a caller ID that hasn’t been agreed in advance and forward it without marking it as probably spoofed. Some may simply refuse to accept any caller ID that isn’t a directory number that you rent from them.

If they do accept caller ID, you will probably need to specify sending of P-Asserted-Identity or Remote-Party-ID headers, although others may also be used. They may also require Diversion headers with specific values, before they will trust the caller ID.

Understood, thank you.

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