Caller ID number ok, but the name is always 'New User'

I just installed Asterisk 1.4.22 with Asterisk GUI 2.0 for Synology CS-407 (optware). The service provier is Acanac. Most things work great except caller id.

The phone number is dsplayed correctly on extension, but the caller id name is always “New User”. If the phone number is unknown number, then the caller id name is “Unknown”. The issue happens on both ATA+phone and X-Lite softphone.

Then I use Linksys SPA2101 VoIP gateway to connect to the service provider, then both phone number and name are correct.

When I add some commands in extensions.conf to show the caller id interpretted by Asterisk. The caller id name is “New User”. So I think, the issue is with Asterisk itself, not on the extension part.

Any idea how this happened? How to debug this problem? I only worked on Asterisk for 3 days, so I am very new to this area. Thanks.

Fixed. Either Remove “fullname = New User” in General section of users.conf or Add “fullname =” line in the trunk section.

It would have been removing ‘fullname = New User’ from the general context of users.conf.

The general context means that you will apply those options to all other contexts(in this case the other contexts would be other users), unless the other contexts specify another.

For example

fullname=New User

fullname=Jeff Hockema


fullname=Bob Jones

11234 would be Jeff Hockema
22234 would be New User
33234 would be Bob Jones

(obviously this is leaving out all other settings besides fullname)

That’s correct. However, what caused the issue is with Trunk section, which did not have fullname definition originally. So fullname definition in General section applies. By the way, user.conf is generated by Aterisk GUI 2.0. So I have to manually add “fullname=” to override the “New User” setting. Shouldn’t Asterisk GUI take care this?

Why would you want to set a fullname on the trunk? I dont define it on any of mine.(Asterisk GUI is kinda funky though, i hate how it trashes all the config files, they are nasty looking once its done with them, i dont use it anymore)

I am surprised Asterisk GUI didnt take care of that.

It is not that I want to, but I have to. At least this is a workaround I found to solve the problem described in my first post. I feel kinda weird too. Anyway, both asterisk and asterisk gui are not latest build. Hopefully some experts can build their lastest or newer version for unslung users.

Strange. You dont need a fullname setting in your trunk config. The only place you should need to define a fullname is for each user in your sip.conf or users.conf.

But you are saying if you dont set your trunk it to ‘fullname=’ it fills out ‘New User’ as their caller id?

In either case your problem is solved so thats great. Just probing for information.