Call Waiting Problem

I just upgraded from 1.2.17 to 1.4.5 and it seems that call waiting is activated on all polycom601s that are connected. My agents needless to say are not happy about the tone in their ear. In my extensions_additional file I have *70 activate and *71 deactivate along with include=>app callwaiting ect. I can dial both and get the automated attendant to say activated/deactivated however it is not executing. Am I missing a file somewhere that I need to call? Any help is greatly appreciated, Also can I just remove the tone so that they dont hear one? Thanks

I wish I could say I was posting RESOLVED call waiting problem but I am still working on this. I am using Fedora Core6 with Asterisk 1.4.5 and Free PBX 2.2.1 maybe some more information will help here is my ect/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf file
include => app-callwaiting-cwoff-custom
exten => *71,1,Answer
exten => *71,n,Wait(1)
exten => *71,n,Macro(user-callerid,)
exten => *71,n,Set(old_val=${DB_DELETE(CW/${CALLERID(number)})})
exten => *71,n,Playback(call-waiting&de-activated)
exten => *71,n,Macro(hangupcall,)

; end of [app-callwaiting-cwoff]

include => app-callwaiting-cwon-custom
exten => *70,1,Answer
exten => *70,n,Wait(1)
exten => *70,n,Macro(user-callerid,)
exten => *70,n,Set(DB(CW/${CALLERID(number)})=ENABLED)
exten => *70,n,Playback(call-waiting&activated)
exten => *70,n,Macro(hangupcall,)

; end of [app-callwaiting-cwon]

include => from-internal-additional-custom
include => ext-group
include => grps
include => app-recordings
include => app-speeddial
include => app-calltrace
include => app-directory
include => app-echo-test
include => app-speakextennum
include => app-speakingclock
include => ext-queues
include => app-callwaiting-cwoff
include => app-callwaiting-cwon
include => ext-meetme
include => app-cf-busy-off
include => app-cf-busy-off-any
include => app-cf-busy-on
include => app-cf-off
include => app-cf-off-any
include => app-cf-on
include => app-cf-unavailable-off
include => app-cf-unavailable-on
include => app-pbdirectory
include => app-dialvm
include => app-vmmain
include => app-userlogonoff
include => app-pickup
include => app-zapbarge
include => app-chanspy
include => ext-test
include => ext-local
include => outbound-allroutes
exten => h,1,Hangup

; end of [from-internal-additional]