Call Transfer to Internal DN failing


We have call transfer issue when tranfered call to internal extension(DN) using Transfer command, but same call successed if I used Dial command.

Any one suggest how to resolve this issue when I use Transfer command

Asterisk Log:
[2017-05-18 08:39:50] NOTICE[5217] chan_sip.c: Got unknown code ‘404’ in NOTIFY in response to REFER.
[2017-05-18 08:39:50] NOTICE[5217] chan_sip.c: Transfer failed. Sorry. Nothing further to do with this call

REFER requires the URI to be provided in the context of the referee, whereas Dial takes an address in the context of the Asterisk system.

Without both dialplan and logs from the upstream peer, it is difficult to say much more.

Thanks, David

I am using simple IVR flow, but all my DN route via common sip proxy

  1. User dialed 7 Digit DN
    2, Sip Proxy Route the DN to asterisk IVR server
  2. Asterisk IVR tranfer the call to destination DN using same Sip Proxy

All the DN are in same office networks

Is there any way to change the SIP URI in the context of the referee.


You can put any user and domain part that you like!

This sounds like a problem with the proxy rather than with Asterisk.