Call to a sip_uri (e-mailadres)

Why do’s nobody widely use the DNS to discover where to make a call to.

SIP(Asterisk) can use the DNS to find out where to make a SIP connection to, for example if we want to call

I do, but not a lot of folks publish their ‘SIP URI’, and even fewer seem to do any meaningful ENUM mapping for phone numbers to SIP URIs.

Iam building a website where VoIP users can register a subdomain, and put this SRV entry into our DNS servers so that it can be used for sip_uri calling. ‘’ points to your wan ipadres and port
All call to this domain will be pointed to your Asterisk server, were you can configure what phone will ring for the diferent users for this domain.

Making a VoIP call will be the same as sending a e-mail to someone. (SMTP and MX records )
If we start using SIP_uri calling we do’t need VoIP service providers, then we use the DNS to find out where Asterisk needs to make a VoIP connection to.

Here is a configuration example to use SIP_uri calling