PJSIP Invite INVITE Header (TO)

Hi Team,

I have an issue where I am using a DNS SRV as my server_uri for a SIP Trunk.

Asterisk is working correctly in resolving this, and registration is complete.

However when placing an outbound call, the INVITE has the TO set to @<server_url> - where my provider requires the realm to be set to a specific realm.

Any suggestions on how I achieve this?


There is no way currently to set a specific To domain via configuration.

Thanks for your reply.

Would it be your expectation that the server_uri is used, even although this is looking up a service record?

For my example, I have the server_uri as:


This returns:

_sip._udp.gvc-tg0102.domain.com service = 50 30 5060 tg0102-s01.domain.com.
_sip._udp.gvc-tg0102.domain.com service = 10 30 5060 tg0102-p01.domain.com.

The INVITE TO: is ...@gvc-tg0102.domain.com, I expected this to be ...@tg0102-p01.domain.com, or @tg0102-s01.domain.com depending the server that was getting used.


It would use the server_uri as provided. The fact it resolved down to another hostname and then an IP address doesn’t impact it.

Thanks again… I’ll put it back in there court. I would have thought its a pretty big oversight from them - effectively implementing a restriction that prevents Asterisk from using there voice platform.