Call Recroding issue

Dear All,
I have some problem with call recording , i have enable Recording option in User Extension and enable all Incoming and outgiong calls for recording purpose but my some of calls are recorded and some of that or not recorded by system. i don’t know the reason please guide me.

Hi all,
Its two days has been passed and no one has ansawered me regarding the My issue of Call Monitoring and Recording.

Please help me…

you should post up the relevant portions of your various config files. at least it will give people a place to start.

Pleae Tell me what type configuration Files are required to check .i think i can give you the Asterisk -vvvr log inforamiton if required ?

Are you using a GUI to configure asterisk? I am guessing users.conf, extensions.conf, and sip.conf would all have relevant information.

Also, if you could post the CLI output for a call that does NOT record and one that does, it might be helpful.

As 2010 posted we need to see some configuration files to see what you have set up. Also are you using a GUI ? If yes which one ?