Call quality issues


Hopefully someone will be able to shed some light on the call quality issues I’m experiencing.

Running Asterisk

I’ve been using Google Voice inbound/outbound successfully for some time now using an ATA and old office phone. Call quality is excellent, barring the occasional echo heard by other end only. I was willing to live with this.

If I use my old cellphone to dial in to my system and use DISA to dial out to another number, the call quality is also excellent.

Now, the problem:

I’ve recently purchased a Nexus 5 and tried hooking up to my network via SIP. Right now I’m using the wireless in the house and have no cellular service at all. Using PCMU or PCMA, the quality is awful, to the point where it is entirely unusable. A friend rated it a 1/10. Yes, there are problems hearing on my end as well. Using GSM (13kbps) in SIPDroid, we can usually have a pretty decent quality conversation, although the voice sounds terribly low-fidelity (understandable). Interestingly, it sounded almost as bad using G711 (PCMU/A).

Speed test from the Nexus 5 yields 13ms ping time and very fast up and down speeds… and remember, the problem is when using the Nexus (or my Nexus 10 tablet OR my high-end laptop via Ekiga.) So in other words, only when not using a SIP device dedicated to phone calls is the quality horrendous.

CPU usage for SIPDroid on the Nexus 5 is ~2% for GSM and G711… obviously this isn’t a horsepower issue. Ping times to my modem are sub-millisecond, ping times during speed test are excellent, network speed is great. There is no traffic on the network when doing this test. I don’t understand why the voice quality is so bad, and moreover, I don’t understand why even G711 sounds so tinny - is it because I’m not using a low-quality telephone handset?

Any ideas about this?

-> Apparently No Network Issue (low latency).
-> isn’t a horsepower issue on your device.

Codecs OK.

Have you try with a different router and a different softphone. Im using csimple on my android device over a wifi connection and it works really fine.