Call Quality Improve?

Dear sir,

I am using Asterisk for my live calls in middle east (Kuwait)… In that moment i am facing problems with one way voice disturbance…

The issue is when i or my clients make calls to india or any other destinaion receiver can hear my voice properly… But i am not getting their voice properly. Too much breakings on call… I thought this issue i am facing from my gateway.But i changed nearly 10 carrier provider but the problem is same to me.I am using same gateway in other switch(Itelswitch) but there is no this kind of issue. And also i thought the problem is in network but my other VOIP service cards are running very well on same network… Please give me solution that i can i improve call quality from my side i am Using 5060 port with UDP transport type… And our clients using this service through SIP settings nokia mobiles…And in kuwait 5060 port is not blocked…


Try analyzing the quality problem using a dedicated tool for VoIP QoS - see a full list in You might want to start with the PBXMate which both improves & analyzes the quality.