Call on Telephone and Softphone

Hello. I have a Grandstream and a PABX with Asterisk installed, and I use SIP on my computer via a Softphone. I would like to know if I can receive a call on both the phone and the computer.

Yes, you can easily dial multiple peers as a ring group, e.g.


Do you want to answer on just one (ring group) or be able to join the call from both?

I want answer on computer (softphone) and telephone. I have the extension configured on my computer, but when I plug the telephone, it’s not working, the telephone not working, no signal. Works or in one or no other

There is far too little information here. We need details of what you have done and details of how it fails. “Nothing happens” just isn’t something you can debug unless you can can see a configuration that is obviously wrong.

Hi Ronei0612,
What accounts have you configured in your softphone and in your phone?

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