Call on HOLD transfered to a wrong extension


I’ve installed a PBX in a Call Center which consists of:

  • Asterisk 1.4
  • 2 Audiocodes MP-118 (8 FXO ports each)
  • 2 Audiocodes MP-124 (24 FXS ports each)
  • Some Polycom and Linksys IP phones

On certain occasions the following situation takes place:

A: someone who phones the Call Center from a PSTN number and is placed on HOLD by a member of the staff.

B: somebody who tries to make a phone call from inside the Call Center to another number of the PSTN, when every PSTN line connected to the FXO ports is in use (busy).

B gets automatically (and surprisingly) connected to A.

I cannot give you any further details besides the fact that an average of 5000 calls a day are made in this scenario and the problem described above was reported only a few times.

Any idea of what might be happening?

Thanks in advance!

Very weird. Can you reproduce this100% of the time ? If yes try calling something like Toll Free assistance or TellMe (if you are in the US) to fill up all of your pots lines, see what comes up in the CLI and post it here. Make sure you have verbosity set to 10.