Call Not Disconnecting

Hi all,

We are running more than 40 active calls on our Asterisk Box. But some time we are facing problem, call is not disconnecting for a long time more than 2 and 2 hrs. in this cuase our customers charged for 1,2 hrs. even they made very small calls.

i have already set rtptimeout = 60, but not disconnecting

Could please advice me how i can prevent such kind of issue?

Hangup functionis and exten => h,
are used ?
This is problem with Zap/SIP/IAX connections ?
= more info needed

some problem with Bristuff: … highlight=

i had disconnect problem with SIP provider, but it was their fault.


I am dialing from perl AGI to the carriers. here is the dialing method how my agi is dialing.

my $dialstr = "$gwtype/$gwip/" . $dialednum . "|350|tTL(" . ($credit_time*1000) .":7000:5000)";
$AGI->exec('Dial', $dialstr);

I hope this will make us more clear to find the problem.

Hi All,

Any idea about to solve my problem?

Maybe you’re suffering from the “Bristuff hangup” bug. Do you use Bristuff? The ISDN channel doesn’t disconnect properly. Here’s a post from Marcel van der Boom on the mailing list:

We had the exact same problem. It started happening for us starting at
the ‘k’ release of bristuff (i mailed a msg on it in february i think
to junghanns).

So, the ‘i’ release worked fine, while ‘k’ has the problem as described.

A quick diff of ‘i’ vs. ‘k’ showed me this (among other things):

diff -U0 -r -x '.o’ -x '.so’
— bristuff-0.3.0-PRE-1i/libpri-1.2.2/q931.c 2006-05-17
19:54:51.000000000 +0200
+++ bristuff-0.3.0-PRE-1k/libpri-1.2.2/q931.c 2006-05-17
20:04:07.000000000 +0200
@@ -4428,3 +4428,3 @@

  •           if (c->ourcallstate != c->sugcallstate) {
  •               pri_error(pri, "updating callstate, ourcallstate 

%d to %d\n", c->ourcallstate, c->sugcallstate);

  •               c->ourcallstate = c->sugcallstate;
  •           if (c->peercallstate != c->sugcallstate) {
  •               pri_error(pri, "updating callstate, peercallstate 

%d to %d\n", c->peercallstate, c->sugcallstate);

  •               c->peercallstate = c->sugcallstate;

This was such a close match, that i reversed that change in the 'k’
release and voila! problem disappeared.
Now, i have no clue what kind of side-effects this has, if any, nor if
this is the proper solution, but it made the problem disappear for us.

I haven’t tried to apply the same to later bristuff releases (all
releases up to ‘p’ give us the same hangup problem)

And another post from Marcel:

I’ve done a bit more testing and in our install the patch seems to
cause an issue with the ‘hangup’ (h) extensions. We use this to
convert incoming faxes to pdf and send them off through mail after
the sending fax machine hangs up. The hangup extension is never
reached so that bit of our dialplan didnt work anymore.

Since both patched and unpatched dont work with that particular
setup, there’s no way (i know) to test out wether this is actually
caused by the patch or not, but i thought i’d just mention it.

The ‘regular’ dialplan seems to work fine for us too though. No other
issues were seen by us at least.

Hope this sheds some light on the problem.