Call from Google Talk to mobile phone

Hi Everyone,

I have succesfully made some calls from google talk (From inside & outside my office) to many soft-phones inside my local LAN (Diferents PC’s).

After some modifications to my extensions.conf file i was able to place a call to a regular fixed phone line and mobile phone, but when a pick-up the phone, no audio is transmited from my Google talk to the phone.

Any ideas of what may cause this problem?

Running Man

Hi Everyone,

Regarding my inicial post, when Asterisk do the translation of the audio codec from Gtalk to SIP it use ulaw. color=blue[/color]. If i change the ulaw codec in the sip.conf, i get an error in the softphone and the call is terminated.

When i answer a call in a normal phone using my TP400 card with FXS/FXO modules. [color=green](Gtalk—>Asterisk/connected to:2649965"—>Calling number:2368257)[/color], i cannot listen the audio.

After looking in the “full” log file i discovered the following line asociated to the chan_zap: " frame.c: Could not find preferred codec - Going for the best codec", and also: “frame.c: codec unknow- Going for the best codec”
(Set verbose 15 and debug 15 in the CLI first.)

I think here in Chile my phone company is usins ADPMC codec, witch is supported by Asterisk.

Any suggestions to solve this???

Running Man