Call forwarding with out answering


My scenario was call land on DID on one server then it goes to other server by dialing an extension of 2nd server.

user dial (119876203) -----> (server 1)
Dials this to 2nd server
Dial(SIP/123@2nd server)------> (2nd server)
(usern123 is register here)

the call is make to the agent’s DID (119876203) instead of throwing a 180 ringing signal. we are getting a SIP signal 200 OK (indicating the request was handled) to our initial request(INVITE).

How can we solve it

Don’t call Answer or anything else that forces an answer (e.g. Playback) before calling Dial.

Generally, if you want a dialplan fixing, you need to provide the dialplan. If you didn’t write the dialplan, you need to ask the person who wrote it, rather than asking here.