Call forwarding rejected by SIP due to From / Diversion Header having identical data

Currently hosting phones with Switchvox and using Century Link as the SIP provider.

When I setup call forwarding or call cascading to an external number from an extension, the outgoing call is rejected by the SIP.

Event log shows the following error (removed the phone number for privacy)
SIP call failed when dialing 0000000000 using Centurylink SIP. Check the status of the provider on the System Status page

Advanced logs show the following error that pertains to the rejection:
app_dial.c: Not accepting call completion offers from call-forward recipient Local/0000000000@outgoing-00000d76;1

I opened a ticket with Century Link and they were able to trace the error back to the From Header and Diversion Header having the same information, which is is being rejected by them. This is what I got back from Century Link with phone numbers replaced for privacy:

Please note we have updated your ticket:

CenturyLink was able to locate the reported call . Call is failing to a 603 error being sent back form CenturyLink. This issue is being cause when call is being forward the phone number in the Diversion Header and the From Header are the same. The From Header when call is being forward should be the original calling number 0000000000 **

INVITE sip:0000000000@ SIP/2.0
From: *** should be original calling number in
Max-Forwards: 70
Supported: 100rel,replaces
User-Agent: ADTRAN_NetVanta_3430/R10.9.6.V
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-28484f-9d5a7530-384e5dfc

In my console for Digium, I can change the caller ID settings for the SIP as such ( tried multiple variations with no success)

Outgoing Caller ID Settings:

Supports Changing Caller ID: NO (yes option avail)
Caller-ID method: From Header (P-Asserted-Identity, Remote-Party-ID options avail)

Caller ID Name: disabled (can be edited if I enable changing caller ID)
Caller ID Number: disabled (can be edited if I enable changing caller ID)

Incoming Caller ID Settings

If available, use PAID/RPID for incoming Caller ID: yes (no option avail)

Anyone have any advice on where I could look or what I might be missing from this?

Switchvox support is handled via the commercial arm, here:

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