Call back

hello. i want help regarding call back. if an extension calls another extension and it is busy at the moment then the caller should be able to press a sequence of numbers. the callee should continue with his/her call. after the call is over, both the caller and callee extensions should ring indicating to the caller that the callee is free now and the callee that he/she is receiving a call. please help me in doing this. i am using Asterisk 1.6 on RHEL 5.3 Server edition. Kindly help me out.

There is no built in support for this. I don’t think the h extension will get control in sufficient cases. It might be possible to use originate to spawn a dialplan sequence that repeatedly retries the calls. Doing this in AMI is probably the easiest choice.

Starting with Asterisk 1.8 there is AFAIK builtin support with call completion services. But for versions former to 1.8 You’ll probably have to deal with the dialsstate of the callee and react with a periodic redial attempt as david55 suggested.

thanks for the support. i switched over to asterisk 1.8 and got the feature working. i don’t have a problem with SIP based phones as the feature is configured in sip.conf file. i am using Nortel i2002 and Nortel i2004 phones which operate over unistim protocol and are configured in unistim.conf. how can i get these features working with these phones?