Calculate the size of the sip header

Hello friends. What is the size of the sip header in Asterisk? Can I resize the sip header? How much can the minimum and maximum size be adjusted? Is there any software that can be used to view the sip header size?

There is no such thing as a single “sip header” for it entirely. SIP itself is a text based protocol, and contains multiple headers in SIP messages. They aren’t of a fixed size and have don’t quite have a maximum (except depending on transport it may force it to use a different transport). There’s only a minimum in the sense that you can only make some so small and have them still be useful, but that depends on which header. SIP messages can be viewed using Wireshark, “pjsip set logger on”, or “sip set debug on” depending on which SIP implementation in Asterisk is used.

I highly suggest looking at the SIP RFC if you’re asking these kinds of things. SIP is SIP.

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I wonder if the OP is actually concerned about media network bandwidth; they failed to give their reason for waning to know.

There is no SIP in the media, only RTP

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