C Source files for application launcher and codec translator

Hi all,

I am posting this for second time as no one replied the first time. I desperately need its answer.

From Digium’s handbook, We know that Asterisk’s core conatins a PBX switching core, a dynamic module loader, a schedular and I/O manager, an application launcher and a codec translator.

I can find the source files corresponding to PBX switching core, dynamic module loader, and schedular and I/O manger in the usr/src/asterisk directory (i.e. pbx.c, loader.c, sched.c and manager.c respectively).

My question is where are the source files corresponding to application launcher and codec translator?

Any help would be higly appreciated.


in pbx.c we have pbx_exec I think this the function that launches application.
how translation.c for codec translator.