**buy Asterisk Appliance 50 and then what?**

I’m a noob to this asterisk scene. i worked with people that uses this in Germany and i got interested in getting one running. so, my choices are:

  1. buy this Asterisk Appliance 50 or Download Asterisk on to my PC

  2. buy IP phone & wireless ones if i wanna go little fancy :slight_smile:

and that’s all i figured out so far. can you guys help me out?

anybody have any ideas???

Ughh can we get some details on what you are trying to accomplish? I could suggest you go out and spend about 150,000 on hardware but if you are looking for a phone system for a small business with 3 users that would be a total waste!

Please post what your goals are and some specifics about # extensions, # of simultaneous calls, will you go all VOIP or connect to PSTN etc.

i have a business that’s sort of international. i have a office here in TN and another two in Japan. so I’m thinking 5 extensions per location and 3 simultaneous calls. like i said before, I’m new to this so i didn’t know i could do something other than VoIP.

will explain the difference?

and why would this be a waste?

swaterhouse, thanks for your reply.

I suggest you buy or download the book “Asterisk: The Future of Telephony”. It was based on version 1.2 but almost all of it still applies to 1.4 except the installation procedure. This will answer about 90% of your questions. Once you have a better idea what you want to do fell free to post some more questions.

Asterisk -The Future of Telephony - 2nd edition, updated with informations about Asterisk 1.4 can be downloaded from oreilly.com/catalog/9780596510480/index.html, look for “online book”.


Marco Bruni

thank you so much guys!

i’ll go get it right now :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link, I wasn’t aware this was out!

Me too I found it just yesterday :smile:


Marco Bruni