Busy Detect when there is No silence


This is my first post in this forum and I wish I find a answer to my problem.
I set the busydetect = yes and busycount=3 in chan_dahdi.conf . My System Now can detect If a caller hang up. but if the caller hang up when there is no silence ( ex: MOH playing in a queue ) the System Can not detect busy Tone. and so there will be a user in the queue ( although the caller disconnected ) till the queue time reaches failover destination or an agent answers the call.

Busycount defines the amount of busy tones asterisk needs to recognize before actually considering the line to really really give a busy tone, to avoid false hangups on non hangup sounds.
The standard setting is 3, but you could change that to 6 or 10 if you would want to.

A side effect is, that it will take longer to detect a hangup and in case of a real hangup, the line will stay occupied for a little longer than with a lower value of busycount.

This option is similar to the busydetect option, but will also listen for a ringing tone, congestion tone and will try to detect if the line got answered.
It might work for you, but its highly unreliable and will probably give many false hangups.

Thank You for your reply,
but The Problem is the busydetect is Not working if there is something playing Like : MOH . The System only detects busy tone when there is complete silence on the Call ( Ex: after the end of playback of the IVR message )

try setting different values on the Busycount option

Sounds like you have echo problems.

The real solution to disconnect supervision is to use ISDN or to use an ITSP who, in turn, uses ISDN. The busy tone method is a last resort, using a signal really only intended to be detected by humans.

I Could Not Find Any Disconnect Supervision For Telecom Egypt.