Broadvoice Massachusetts

I recently switched my Broadvoice registration to the BOS gateway rather than NYC … which resolved a number of voice quality and stability issues (lots of dropped calls, etc.) I live in Mass but for a number of reasons used the NYC gateway when I set things up.

Since the change I have noted echo on calls to and from the PSTN (through my SIP connectionto BV)… but it seems that it is only calls in Mass.

The fact that it is only some calls (and apparently a well-defined set of calls) eliminates the possibility of acoustic feedback/echo in my handset (and the problem exists with both my VoIP handset and analog phones on two different ATAs.

I also have plenty of bandwidth and test delay and delay variation regularly to both the SIP gateway and the RTP gateway.

So I have been going back and forth with BV on this … but their official line is that they have no voice quality/echo issues on their BOS gateway.

I am wondering if anybody else has noticed this behavior.