Bridging 2 calls using fast agi

Please find below the scenario which i want to achieve and do help me in doing so or any other good suggestion will be highly appreciated.

I have 2 numbers (aparty and bparty). I call from aparty using prefix dialling in asterisk which lands on AGI say IVRAGI.agi on which prompt is played to press 1 or 2. If user presses 2 then call simply hang up by playing thankyou prompt. If user presses 1 then this call will be put on hold. In the mean while AGI will call to bparty using callfile and will land on another AGI say bPartyAGI.agi on which a prompt is played to press 1 or 2. If bparty presses 1 then need to bridge this call with the aparty (call which is on hold on other AGI on same server) but if bparty presses 2 a prompt will be played on aparty informing bparty has rejected his call and aparty and bparty both will hangup.

Now I am unable to get any method to bridge aparty and bparty calls using fastagi.