Bridge a call on two numbers

I need to bridge a call from asterisk sip numbers to external phone numbers.
I found that it can be done using AMI but not sure how to do it on the right way
Here what I got so far

Action: Originate
Channel: sip/8001
ExtranChannel: +639264109542
Exten: ?
ExtraExten: 8001
Context: default
ExtraContent: default
Priority: 1
ExtraPriority: 1
Callerid: ?

I believe this ami code will first call 8001 after 8001 answer the call it will then force a call from 8001 to +639264109542. Is this the right way? Is my code correct? “?” mark are the line where I don’t know what to put :smiley: . Thanks a lot


I’m not familiar with ExtraChannel, but I doubt it has more than two n’s.

Also, I doubt that anything with channel in its name will work without the technology/ part of the address.

It can definitely be done without any Extra stuff.

Do you know better way to do this? Can you help me solve this problem?

It is a sufficiently basic application of Originate that you should be able to do it from the documentation.