BN8S0 Installation problem - 0 devices registrered

i am experiencing some problems with the configuration of an BN8S0 Beronet card.
I’ve downloaded last CVS of mISDN ans mISDNuser, i patch the kernel and the enabled the following:

<> ISDN support
x x Old ISDN4Linux —>
x x — CAPI subsystem
x x CAPI2.0 support
x x [
] Verbose reason code reporting (kernel size +=7K)
x x [] CAPI2.0 Middleware support (EXPERIMENTAL)
x x CAPI2.0 /dev/capi support
x x [
] CAPI2.0 filesystem support
x x — CAPI hardware drivers
x x Active AVM cards —>
x x Active Eicon DIVA Server cards —>
x x Modular ISDN driver —>

Support modular ISDN driver
x x [] Enable memory leak debug for mISDN
x x [
] Support for AVM Fritz!Cards
x x [ ] Support for HFC PCI cards
x x [] Support for HFC multiport cards (HFC-4S/8S/E1)
x x [
] HFC multiport driver with memory mapped IO

after the kernel recompilation and the reboot i build and install mISDNuser with make and make install.

The card is recognized by the system, this is the output of lspci:

00:0d.0 ISDN controller: Cologne Chip Designs GmbH ISDN network Controller [HFC-8S] (rev 01)

and i can load hfcmulti and mISDN_dsp without problems…
all channels are configured in TE mode, i use this modprobe:

/sbin/modprobe hfcmulti layermask=0xf,0xf,0xf,0xf,0xf,0xf,0xf,0xf protocol=0x2,0x2,0x2,0x2,0x2,0x2,0x2,0x2 type=0x08
/sbin/modprobe mISDN_dsp

and this is the output of dmesg:

Modular ISDN Stack core $Revision: 1.34 $
mISDNd: kernel daemon started
mISDNd: test event done
mISDN: HFC-multi driver Rev. 1.41
0 devices registered
mISDN_dsp: Audio DSP Rev. 1.17 (debug=0x0) EchoCancellor MG2
mISDN_dsp: DSP clocks every 64 samples. This equals 2 jiffies.

why i get 0 devices registrered? where am i wrong?
thanks in advance