BLF and Park for Polycom phones upon Asterisk startup

So I have followed the instructions and have the Polycom IP601 and IP501 and IP500 using BLF on Parked lines. Works great however…

When Asterisk starts up, it indicates all the “Parked” hints as “On the phone” which on the Polycoms interprets that the extension is busy - thus there is a call on the parked extension. This is not correct.

To reset this, a call has to be parked and then answered and then hung up for the Buddy to go to “Online” which means the parked line available but not busy.

Is this an asterisk bug. This happens each time the Astersik server is restarted. The other IP phone buddy status’ are OK from the restart on.

Is there a way to tell Asterisk to notify/update SUBSCRIBERS of the correct status/PRESENCE for the users and the Parked lines?


Can you provide more information (not that I can help, but someone else might be able to)?

What version of Asterisk is this happening on?

Does this happen if the phone is restarted after the Asterisk server?

Post the output of ‘core show hints’ after Asterisk has been started.