[SOLVED] Recommendations of Asterisk version LTS

I am preparating a server of Asterisk in an environment with cloud in a Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS and I found the follow question:

What is the best version and form to install the application? The current package available in .deb file is 13.1.0 for me install automatically with apt-get install, or I can download the package with source code in asterisk.org and compile the 13.20 version.

What is recommended in this situation, considerating the updates of the system in the future?

Anyone know where can I find a repository with the latest version of the package with the version 13.20 or near of it?

Yes you should use latest Asterisk 13.X.X (13.9.2 at this moment) and compile from source.

Here’s the link to download

–Satish Barot

FYI, 13.20.0 is rc and I wouldn’t suggest to use it in production

Thank you, compile from source is the best form to use the system stable?

I need of the package in .deb format.

You will need to create the .deb’s yourself.

If you are lucky, a Debian repository will have a version with security fixes backported, but you are generally never going to get a version with recently fixed non-security bugs.

Yes I always prefer to compile from source so that I can fine tune my system depending on requirements.

Thank you Satish,
But with the debian package I cant to set the features to use? like enable MySQL database, codecs, and others?

I found and installed this package https://launchpad.net/~alcacoop/+archive/ubuntu/asterisk I choosed it for Ubuntu control de libraries dependences, but there haven’t the MySQL feature, how can I add it?

If you prefer to use package, you may not have a package available for the latest version of Asterisk. Using source you can always stay updated.Further you can customize (add/remove features from) your software when installing from source which is not possible with package. A package may miss some of the features which could be available through source installation.

Satish, great answer.

Well, do you think that I need to update the system frequently?or can I to do it once or twice a year?

I prefer not to update my production system unless there are new security fixes available or I need to implement some new features which are not available in current version.
If I wish to move to new LTS, I would always tests my features first in test environment.

Satish, thank you very much for share your experiences, it was very relevant to me.

I used the packages that came with Ubuntu 16.04 but the default config that ships with them is seriously broken. It generates gigabytes of logging every day…

I created my config to load the modules in the correct order. Contact me if you’re interested in it.

Hi all,
I choosed in install the .tar.gz file version 13.19.2 from source code downloaded from the asterisk.org.

This was the best form to me because I needed to choose the modules to load, and could get a recent package.

Thanks everybody.