BFCP and Asterisk

Hello everyone, I have the requirement to use the BFCP(Binary Floor Control Protocol) with latest Asterisk. Any help would be appreciable.

No version of Asterisk supports BFCP.

I understand that none of the version of asterisk supports BFCP but I was wondering whether is there any other way to integrate them.

Noone has explored integrating BFCP into Asterisk as far as I know, so what it would entail is an unknown.

There is this project called ‘confiance’ which integrated BFCP to asterisk server long back. Below is the link to that project.

But the problem with it is that they had developed it in 2007. Asterisk was at version 1.4.3. and Ubuntu was at previous versions as well. That project doesn’t seem to be working now, also people of that project doesn’t seem to be active. I’m a beginner and I’m not able to make out how to port it to the latest version.

I’m afraid there’s nothing else anyone here can really do to help then…


Are there any plans of adding BFCP support to Asterisk in near future?

I know of noone actively working on such functionality or planning to.

Hi @jcolp, have there been any discussions about adding BFCP support in the last few years? I only need Asterisk to provide pass-through support. I verified that Asterisk removes the BFCP headers that the phone added.

I am running Asterisk 16.8.0.

Thank you

No, there has not been any discussion as far as I’m aware.

Asterisk is a back to back user agent, so it removes all headers and subsequently, adds appropriate headers (if the channel technology uses them) on the other leg.