Best way(s) to distribute AGI script updates

I’m at the point (or beyond) when I need to implement some way of automatically updating AGI scripts on remote machines whenever I come up with bug fixes or additions. The AGI scripts are all written in PHP so there’s no need for compiling. The two options I know of are RPM’s and SVN repositories. I’m curious to know what others may be using (or recommend), strengths/weaknesses, and what they would do differently if they could do it all over again.


update via ftp is very simple, you can make a script that checks an ftp site for a file with a newer date and fetch it if it’s new that,s the most simple way i think

For me it would depend on how many machines you are updating. I’d probably stick with subversion as you probably are already using it to keep track of your code changes. If you wanted to completely automate deployments you could use something like expect to script the process of logging into the server and doing a svn update etc.