Best firewall to use with Asterisk?

If you could pick any firewall to put in front of an Asterisk server, which one would you choose and why?

I’m planing on 75 IP phones on a MPLS network. My thoughts are to put the Asterisk server and the 75 IP phones behind a firewall. Access to the PSTN would be through a Digium PRI card. The only communication on the Asterisk server going in and out of the firewall would be to support about 10 remote workers. The firewall will be the main “corporate” firewall for the company.

All suggestions, thoughts and ideas are welcome! Thanx!

You want to get a router that is good with VOIP. These model’s are expensive but well worth it. Try looking at edgemark or sonicwall (I prefer sonic wall).

SIP through a firewall is often troublesome. Since Asterisk, in this case, is the device behind NAT you have to ensure you configure sip.conf to advertise your public IPs. A SIP proxy can also be useful to broker your SIP traffic across the NAT divide. Endian firewall has a sip proxy bundled in if you are uncomfortable rolling your own shorewall/sipproxy.

Thanks for the responses! I appreciate the help!