Before I open a bug report: please help

Hi all,

I’m facing a strange issue registering my Asterisk with a SIP proxy, so I posted and … 48059.html

In particular, please note that “sip show peer sip_proxy” and “sip show registry” show different value for port when using:

register => 2345:password@sip_proxy

Before I report it as a bug on the Mantis, could you look at those links, please?


i know what u mean, and for it I have analysed the src code.
If I’m not wrong, you can’t specify the peer port in any context definition.
the only place to override the default port 5060 is the registration string.


thanks for your reply.

In the meanwhile I’ve opened a bug report, marking it as a “tweaking” issue. However, I hope they will consider it at least as a feature request: I’m developing VoiceOne (, a GUI based on the Asterisk Realtime Architecture, and “register => 2345:password@sip_proxy” is the only way to fully use the power of Realtime.