Basic stand-alone Asterisk board

Can anyone suggest a basic [one or two FXO/FXS pairs] stand-alone [no PCI or other backplane] Asterisk board, minimally with caller ID detection and voice record/playback? Thanks.

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

I’m not aware that such a product exists. Hardware implementing analogue interfaces tends to be either genuine Sangoma (Digium) hardware, or clones of it, so tends to use some form of PCI back plane. Alternatively it is in the form of a SIP to analogue gateway, so interfaced over Ethernet.

Gateways won’t run Asterisk.

Would like to deliver a call block/filter product for residential [not necessarily commercial] users. has a Warp machine, stand-alone, runs Asterisk, very nice, four FXO/FXS, but overkill for my target, with Ethernet, 3G/4G, etc.
Thanks for your time.

This link returns a 404 (not found) page

Try this:

Like I said, it’s very nice, does everything I need, but overkill, and quantity one costs $1,100.
Thanks for your time.

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