Bad File Descriptor from 'Call me'

In my tortise-like journey to get this to work I finally can see asterisk trying to contact my telephone. Yeah.

But it spews ‘sip_xmit of to returned -1: Bad file descriptor’ a bunch of times and quits.

I’ve tried using IAX and it does something similar.

Any clues?

I’m using
freebsd 6.1
trying to connect to my
grandstream gxp 2000
all of my gear is behind a dsl router that nats my ips out. I have ports
1,000 - 20,000
forwarded to my asterisk box (a leftover from trying to get sip to work). Now that I’ve switched back to trying IAX I suppose I can cut that back but I’m going to leave it until I get all this working.

Help, as always, is greatly appreciated.

In the past the errors have made sense after a bit of thought and a few rounds of questions. This one almost appears like a code bug. But I doubt that it is.

Thanks in advance.