Bad event error

Does anyone know what means this error?
I use asterisk
debian 10

when I called 7777 (simulate call) I cant here anything and call hanged up
I upload tcpdump capture on my client ip (
and server ip is
log.txt (29.8 KB)

The endpoint tried to subscribe to receive information using the “application/watcherinfo+xml” type. Asterisk does not support this, so it was rejected.

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What to you mean about “the endpoint” ? client?
I use zoiper client for calling

Yes, in this situation that would mean Zoiper.

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What should I do to solve the problem?
I use this zoiper for other asterisk, and works well

What is the actual problem you’re experiencing? The fact it is sending back a Bad event response and that we don’t support the type may not cause any problems.

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