489 "Bad Event"

Does anyone know what means this error?
Got SIP response 489 “Bad Event” back from x.x.x.x

Hello All,

I get Got SIP response 489 “Bad Event” back from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

I cant find info on this anywhere.

PLEASE PLEASE help me, I will even pay $$$ for the solution.


Can you provide more details about it?


The error is exactly that as above.

I have no idea what it is.

all i find is from the RFC:

7.3.2. “489 Bad Event” Response Code

The 489 event response is added to the “Client-Error” header field
definition. “489 Bad Event” is used to indicate that the server did
not understand the event package specified in a “Event” header field.

My guess, something misconfigured on the client.

What are you doing when you get this code?

The user is registering to the system


I have found that none of them have a useragent variable passing back.

All those with useragent are no errors.

Any ideas


Any more takers on this one.

I am flooded with these.

only users of the Billion (Belkin) 7402 seem to have it.
And the only thing we can see is the useragent is not returned.

We use Dynamic SIP also.