Avoiding Asterisk's package download during make install

Hi all,

I have seen that when we install asterisk, after running ‘make install’ asterisk will download some more packages from internet during install process. Example can be seen below

mkdir -p /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin
make -C sounds install
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/asterisk-’
–2014-04-07 16:50:51-- downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telep … .19.tar.gz
Resolving downloads.asterisk.org… failed: Temporary failure in name resolution.

As my server is not running internet anymore, is there any way to avoid this situation? I tried downloading same package via other system and move in the asterisk folder on my server but still no use. Asterisk still tries to download it from internet.

Can anyone help me in this regard. I need really urgent help as server is not working since 2 days and we are loosing traffic.


They need to be in the sounds sub-directory of the source tree.


When you run the ‘make menuselect’ you are able to pick the sound packages you want to install or not. A standard sound package get installed by default, though you can disable that via menuselect.


constantinp: please read the question. Your answer is totally useless for the question being asked.

Thanks david,constantinp,

Hey david,

I will download them in sounds directory but I was wondering if I can totally avoid their installation like constantinp said?

I may have misunderstood constantinp. Quite often people reply by saying how to what the OP is already doing, and I thought that was the case here, but you are probably right; he is probably suggesting that you configure no sounds at all.

The easiest way of finding out the answer is simply to try it.

I’m not a native english speaker so I didn’t argue on it. That said, thanks for the correction.