Avaya 9600 / 96xx / 9640 MWI

Hi. I have some Avaya 9640 telephones connected to Asterisk. The phones are flashed to SIP 2.6.17 firmware and they seem to be working nice. Something I cannot get working is MWI and I am hoping someone out there has a solution.

I have been searching like mad and find generally the following…

  • change the chan_sip source code and recompile

  • MWI works but I can only see these very few reports when using really old firmware

From the above, I can’t go back to using old firmware and changing chan_sip seems a huge overhead and soon, I will move to pjsip (long overdue).

All typical phones I use, Aastra, Grandstream, Yealink, Zoiper for example all work out the box with MWI but the Avaya ones just don’t seem to take.

Any experience out there would be greatly appreciated.

You might try creating new sections in /etc/asterisk/sip_notify.conf to test toggling MWI on/off then try sending those NOTIFYs directly to the phone via Asterisk CLI “sip send notify …”

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