Autodialer - save DTMF input

What is the best way to catch and store DTMF input when dialing a subscriber with a call file? I do not want to call an external function directly from the dial plan. Can I save the input in a variable in order to capture it subsequently in a result file?

Your requirements seem a bit confusing. However I would use local channel and then Read application to collect DTMFs

The scenario is as follows: after answer the machine plays a greeting and then asks a few questions. Answers to the questions are to be saved in a database.

I use call files, analyze call results in result files and, if a call was answered, look for call duration in the CDR table. So, how can I save additional variable values, gathered in a form of DTMF input, either in the CDR table or in a result call file?

I think you can use custom cdr fields to store the DTMF value

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