Autodestruct on dialog

I am using Asterisk 11.20 (upgraded to it today, previously was 11.18)

Today I have many messages in console like that

And making calls is impossible, beacuse Asterisk thinks that call didn’t end yet.
I do not use h applicaton in my dialplan.

What is the reason of it? I can send logs, dialplans etc. if you need it


The SIP private structure for the channel (the structure that tracks the state of the IP dialogue) still contains a pointer to a channel structure even though it is so long after the dialogue was closed that it is now time to get rid of the private structure. This is dangerous because the channel may try to access the private structure, so it is unsafe to remove it.

This happens either because of a bug, or (although I haven’t confirmed this), because the channel is not being disposed of sufficiently promptly, e.g. because there is excessive h extension processing.