Autodestruct Dialog:


Some time I am having this warning-

What does this mean ? How to solve this ?

There are two data structures associated with a channel, the main channel structure, and a private, technology specific one. When you end a call on the SIP technology, the technology specific structure needs to be maintained for some time after the channel is closed, in case of delayed responses. When that time is up, it is automatically removed. This message means that there was still a channel structure paired with it at that time. In order to minimise further damage, I believe the technology specific structure is maintained, which may result in a memory leak.

This generally represents a bug in the code, although it might be possible to cause it by having an “h” extension that takes more than 30 seconds to complete, but I haven’t verified that. A lot more information about what happened leading up to the message is likely to be needed to identify the underlying cause.

Thanks David for your quick response…
This information will sure help me to solve this problem