Autoanswer with Polycom SoundStation IP 7000


I amusing a POlycom 7000 IP Soundstation as an IP phone in my office, and we are running Asterisk (version 1.4 I believe). Is there a way to configure the Polycom to autoanswer calls? Can it be configured to do so just for certain kinds of calls (i.e. from extension 501)?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Anyone out there have any ideas about how to configure a Polycom Soundstation IP to autoanswer in Asterisk?

Try here: … lletin.pdf

It’s for the KIRK DECT kit but the setup on Asterisk is the same.

The pre 3.3.x Admin Guide is here: … _2_eng.pdf
The 3.3.x Admin Guide is here: … v3_3_0.pdf

The Feature you want is called Auto Answer. The “per Extension” Part would needed to be implemented on the Asterisk Server or you can just setup an extra Dial Plan if you add for example 6 in front of the DDI to send this specific SIP Header to cause the SSIP7000 to auto answer the call.

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Try this thread:


Excellent, thanks, everyone, for this info. I’ve looked at a couple of the links and I can see how it is possible to configure.