Auto dial on asterisk 11


I have installed asterisk 11.9.0 and I used to use call files to generate outgoing calls on old asterisks however this does not work on the new asterisk. I could see that the folder /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing was not there. Did something changed in the new asterisk?

thanks for any answer in advance.

by default is /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/ (this is configurable in asterisk.conf).

As I stated in my first post there was no outbound folder in /var/spool/asterisk and when I created it it does not work. I have been looking at the asterisk.conf I cannot see any way to configure that. I think either is a bug in this version for auto dialers or they have changed the way it works on asterisk 11.

Or you need to configure it in asterisk.conf and set the correct permission in the folder.

what to configure? Why with up to asterisk 10 included was working out of the box but is not working on asterisk 11 without extra configuration?

We dont now how did you installed the system or if you missed the make samples or anything else, and by configure i mean set the proper path in the asterisk.conf file.

I have installed the asterisk the proper way ./ ./configure ./contrib/scripts/get_mp3… make all && make install && make samples && make config

that is not the point. I am installing all the asterisks in the same way versions lower then 11 works out of the box on the autodial without any extra configuration. This does not. Question is what has changed.

I have asterisk 11.9.0 and I have the outgoing folder so I don’t know what happened. Why you use the bootstrap script?

Let me make a test on a clean machine and let you know.