Auto-answer (intercom) no longer functioning after upgrade

Recently, to add functionality, I installed Asterisk version 13.11.2 and FreePBX Previously, we were utilizing Asterisk and FreePBX I have Polycom IP550 and IP330 phones. Until the new installation my paging system worked very well, I had a paging phone hooked up to the loudspeakers and several individual phones that would auto answer on page. Since the installation the phones will ring two times and hang up, never auto answering the phone.

I have tried many of the suggestions that I have found but most of them center around the Polycom phone itself. Nothing seems to help.

I am open to any suggestions as we rely fairly heavily on the paging system because we are spread over two different buildings on the same property. If necessary, I can post any config files or log files.

Thanks, in advance, for getting me out of hot water on this!

I’d suggest asking on the FrePBX Forum at the users there will be much more experienced with the dialplan their project creates and maintains.

First you need to make the Auto-answer works, Usually on Polycom phones, When Alert-Info fields header from the SIP INVITE requests contain ringAutoAnswer, then automatically answers the call. I will suggest you make a SIP trace and verify., This thread could help you