Audio Delay

i have 1 queue with 4 agents, when call goes to agent through queue and agent pickup the call, there is 3 to 5 seconds delay, agent call hear the caller but caller cannot hear the agent for first 3 to 5 seconds. after that there is no problem in conversation. any help will be highly appreciated.

I’m guessing this is SIP. I don’t think this is specific to queues, but if it is, what sort of agent are you using?

Are you leaving the call unanswered until the agent picks up?

i was using buddy watcher on polycom phones. i disabled that feature now audio delay has been resolved. i did not understand what is the relation between audio delay and buddy watcher. my buddy watcher scenario as below.
all phones are sharing 1 directory file (000000000000-directory.xml)
directory file has all exts, 1001 to 1004.
all phones will have their own ext in directory (1001 phone will has ext 1001 on directory)