Attended transfer using AMI


Trying to find a way to perform supervised transfer using AMI.
It must be a common issue but I cannot find any usable solution for this.
Here is the scenario:

  • A places an call to an asterisk box
  • asterisk fire dial to B, B answers
  • A is put on hold
  • B dials C, C answers
  • B and C are talking
  • A is asked to join B and C in a conference

Is this possible to do using the AMI ?

That’s not an attended transfer. The normal tactic is to park the incoming party, and then originate the outgoing party, finally redirecting them to the parking lot. There are other ways of doing it. You can adapt this to conferencing, rather than transfers.

I was thinking of a slightly different scenario. You may have to do a double redirect for the parking.

Thanks, yes my terminology might be wrong here.

I tried just this. Parking A makes B hangup.

Ok, I will continue testing and keep you updated.
Hopefully I can return with a full instruction on this


That’s why I suggested using a double redirect; park them both at the same time.

Yess of course!
Ok, double parking first was the way to do it.

I think this is the best way to do this for me.

  • Redirect both A and B to a conference room
  • Park A
  • Originate to C into conference room
  • Redirect A into conference room

Parking A or B first seams to hangup the opposite party