Attempting to size up the challenge of automating a test call into a system using a call file as an asterisk noob

I’m exploring the idea of using Asterisk to simulate a user calling into a system as part of an automated test and it seems that putting together a call file with specific sequences of Playback() calls and SendDTMF() calls might be possible.

Looking at some docs (Asterisk Call Files - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki) I dont see any examples that seem to suggest anything more complicated than a “Playback()” call so I’m just looking to find out if I’m barking up the wrong tree here.

To be more specific, I’m trying to find out if asterisk is a potential candidate to trigger a system test via a call that starts with some audio playback on the host side, followed by a sequence of DTMF inputs and outputs with audio playback in between.

Now that I think about it with more detail… I actually suspect you could just record a single audio file of someone calling in with voice and dtmf input and just play that single file back… maybe.

Any thoughts opinions welcome, thanks!

Recording an audio file including DTMF only stands a chance of working if you
are using in-band DTMF, which in my opinion is uncommon, and much less
reliable than RFC 2833.


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Thanks for the info - I suspect we are using all in-band actually but have yet to confirm this…

If you embed the DTMF in the audio file, then all DTMF handling in Asterisk goes away.

As for call files as documented they can either execute a SINGLE dialplan application on answer, or you send them to the dialplan where you can do whatever you want.

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