Aterisk monitoring

my asterisk setup is using debian OS, and use SIP protocol,
Anybody know what software can monitor jitter, packet loss, MOS for the asterisk?


I’m not sure that it does MOS, and I’m not sure that is useful, as it is a function of the codecs chosen, so ought to be predictable from the gross traffic mix (constant if there is only one codec used).

First off the url of course,

In our environment we have 3 levels of monitoring,

  • Realtime - A custom nodejs application monitors the termination of every call by parsing the logs and raising an immediate alert if there is an issue with the call.
  • Alerting - Nagios with a custom script to check Jitter per SIP peer with thresholds. Nagios will do soft failures 4 times before raising an alert
  • Munin - Trending of jitter and call stats