AT-320 Message Waiting Indicator Missing

I’m testing on the asterisk-v1-2-0-beta1 version, and found that the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) of AT-320 (from ATCOM, went missing. The MWI was working on v1.0.9.
After a bit of code searching, it seems the SIP NOTIFY message has been changed.

In v1.0.9:
Messages-Waiting: yes
Voice-Message: 1/0 (0/0)

In Beta1:
Message-Account: sip:asterisk@ <-- added and caused the problem.
Messages-Waiting: yes
Voice-Message: 1/0 (0/0)

I then re-ordered the message in the chan_sip.c to:
Messages-Waiting: yes
Voice-Message: 1/0 (0/0)
Message-Account: sip:asterisk@ <-- at the end

And the MWI works again.

Developers, should we consider modifying the asterisk code or should the AT-320 code be changed?

BTW, the MWI is working alright on the Polycom phones even without the above code changes.

Edmund Yau
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